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Hello! I am the Director of the Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Center. Where we are Serving, Teaching, Accepting, and Respecting our STAR-Children.  Parma Learning Center, PLC functions as a part of the Parma School District 137.  The Parma Learning Center After School Program is designed to serve students primarily needing academic and linguistic support and personally at-risk. However, we do offer enrichment to all interested students. PLC is a safe environment after school and provides enrichment through educational intervention support and a broad range of additional services, programs, and activities for its students and services to their parents/ families.  PLC operates because of a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant through the State of Idaho Department of Education, but federally funded.  This current grant runs through the school year 2018-2023.

Parma Learning Center is set-up as follows: grade levels 1-4 in the Maxine Johnson Elementary and grade levels 5-8 in the West Wing of Parma Middle School. 
Feel free to email, [email protected], or call 208-779-4069 x1606 this goes to my cell after hours.

Have a great year!  Go Panthers! Mrs. Dalila Martinez-Roberts


¡Bienvenido al Centro de aprendizaje de Parma!
Yo soy la directora del Centro Comunitario Nita M. Lowey del siglo XXI. Dónde estamos sirviendo, enseñando, aceptando y respetando a nuestros niños ESTRELLAS. El Centro de Aprendizaje de Parma (PLC) funciona como parte del Distrito Escolar 137 de Parma. El Programa para después de la escuela del Centro de Aprendizaje de Parma está diseñado para servir a los estudiantes que necesitan principalmente apoyo académico y lingüístico o personalmente en riesgo. El PLC es un ambiente seguro después de la escuela. PLC proporciona enriquecimiento a través del apoyo de intervención educativa y una amplia gama de servicios, programas y actividades adicionales para sus estudiantes y servicios para sus padres / familias. PLC opera gracias a una subvención del Centro de Aprendizaje Comunitario del Siglo 21 a través del Departamento de Educación del Estado de Idaho, pero con fondos federales. Esta subvención actual se extiende hasta el año escolares 2018-2023. El Centro de Aprendizaje Parma está configurado de la siguiente manera: niveles de grado 1-4 en la Primaria Maxine Johnson y niveles de grado 5-8 en la Escuela Intermedia West Wing of Parma.

Comunicase conmigo en mi correio electronico [email protected] o llame 208-779-4069 x1606 (llamadas fuera del horario van a mi celular)
¡Que tenga un año de exito con victoria Panteras!

Attentamente su Directora y Maestra Dalila Martinez de Roberts

Parma Learning Center Re-Open Plan will follow the Board approved document for Parma School District Approved 8/10/2020.


Low/No Spread

Minimal/ Moderate Spread

Minimal Moderate Spread

Substantial Spread

Substantial Spread


Traditional PLC Time

Traditional PLC reduced attendance for appropriate physical distant activities

Hybrid PLC reduced attendance for appropriate physical distant activities and distant learning enrichment activities completed on-site

PLC small groups are limited with staggered building space and distant learning enrichment activities

PLC moved to distant learning



Monday -Thursday

2:50 pm – 5:50 pm

Monday -Thursday 2:50 pm – 5:50 pm

Monday – Thursday

2:50 pm – 5:50 pm

* Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Distant Learning

* Wednesday in person

* Time is TBD suggested time 12:50 pm –4:50 pm

Monday – Thursday 2:50 pm – 5:50 pm

Virtual Live Learning

Time. See PLC website for updates.


Learning in-person on-site

Learning in-person on-site integration of enrichment activities through Zoom and Microsoft Team

Asynchronous lessons

Learning in-person on-site with enrichment activities through Zoom and Microsoft Team asynchronous and/or synchronous learning opportunity

* Wednesday in-person on-site

* Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday distant Learning through Zoom and Microsoft Team for activities: asynchronous and synchronous opportunities

Distant learning through Zoom and Microsoft Team for activities, asynchronous and synchronous opportunities


Implement prevention practices and additional procedures or protocol

*Health screening with temperatures check for student and staff

*Mask required when physical distancing is not possible


*Health screening with temperatures check for student and staff

* Mask required when physical distancing is not possible


* Required: health screening of symptoms and temperature check for student and staff

* Mask required


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PLC calendar 2020-2021.pdf

Student Enrollment: Please note that in 1-4 grades the elementary teachers and staff make the final referrals for who should be enrolled in afterschool. 

Absent Children:   Once your child is enrolled in the afterschool program please notify the school or PLC office if they are going to be absent from afterschool programs. This is for the safety and wellbeing of your child, as we both need to know where they are at all times!

If you cannot reach director, Dalila Martinez-Roberts before 2:00 pm, please leave a message at your child’s school.
  ~ Middle School 779-4069 Ext 1202 Tara Layne  
  ~ Elementary  779-4069 ext 1102  Pam Haddock

Current PLC Openings and Applications

Job-Description-Afterschool-PLC Coordinator-CCLC.docx.pdf
Job-Description-Afterschool-PLC Teacher-CCLC.pdf
PLC HS employment.pdf
PLC Certified application.pdf
PLC classified application.pdf
PLC classified custodian application.pdf
PLC volunteer application.pdf